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12 V Deer Feeder Solar Panel

12 V Deer Feeder Solar Panel

For 12 volt rechargeable battery

 • Power (Max): 1.12 W
 • Voltage: 14V
 • Current: 80mA
 • Panel Size: 17 cm X 15 cm X 1.5 cm
    cable length: 65 cm
Specifically designed for use with deer feeders and other outdoor electronics using 12 volt batteries

• Super high output guarantees a full charge even in the shade
• Industrial grade for all-weather outdoor use
• Heavy-duty custom bracket enclosure combined with aluminum flex cable to protect from tampering pests
• Unique customized heavy-duty aluminum top and bottom bracket combination provides added durability against the environment and   
 • Simply connect red wire to positive battery post and black wire to negative post
 • Place in sunlit area facing the southern sky
 • Tighten anchor bolts connecting the panel with bracket using fingers
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