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Venom Outdoor Custom 16/48 boat, all welded .125" hull, hunt deck, tapered chine, shallow draft, better turning, bilge pump, shark eye navigation lights, lighted switch panel, dual battery trays, battery, 6 gallon fuel tank, trolling motor mount, pedestal seat mount, hydroturf, grab bar, seating for four, moveable bucket seats, storage

Venom Outdoor 15/48

Custom Duck/Mud Boat

 Small and light weight boat with
enough motor to push a load.

Regular Price



     • .125" (1/8") Hull Thickness

     • Tapered Chine - shallow draft and no sliding in turns

     • 2 Seats with Storage

     • Bilge

     • Battery

     • Fuel Tank

     • Trolling Motor Plug

     • Spud Pole Mount

     • Shark Eye Nav Lights

     • Grab Bar

     • Hunt Deck

     • Heavy Duty Switch Panel with 12V Accessory

     • Storage under front deck



MOTOR:  Used Mudbuddy 35HP Surface Drive Mud Motor with 134 hours.  Power trim and clutch, shifts from neutral to full forward or momentary forward for pulling up to the dock, decoys, or your trot line.

TRAILER:  McClain trailer with 4 bottom bunks, 2 side bunks, 13" tires, lights, and winch.

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