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14 HP Kohler, electric start, remote fuel, 126 pounds, light, mud motor, 3 year commercial warranty, 429 cc displacement, 22-24 mph, sealed lower unit, cnc machined, water jetted, aluminum, stainless steel throttle cable, stand or sit operation, 4 bearing drive system, grease fittings, adjustable manual trim, stainless propellar, rubber mounted handle bar, less vibration, adjustable handle bar




• Propellers for specific applications – price will vary
   with product purchased

• Phowler Granite Camo - $200.00

Copperhead 14 HP Kohler
with Electric Start


126 lbs.dry weight

19.8 ft-lbs gross torque

429 cc displacement

Approx. speeds of 22-24 mph on light weight boat approx- 320 lbs

Full Details

♦ Electric start
♦ 7.7 qt. fuel tank
♦ 2 year warranty on lower unit
♦ Sealed lower unit
♦ Components cnc machined and water jetted for accuracy
♦ Aluminum construction
♦ Squeeze grip: stainless steel throttle cable
♦ Stand up or sit down operation
♦ Copperhead exclusive 4 bearing drive system
♦ Grease fittings on all bearings and pivot points for long life
♦ Adjustable manual trim
♦ Stainless propeller
♦ Rubber mounted handle bar for less vibration
♦ Handle bar is adjustable


I cant say enough good things about that motor. Took it out yesterday with 3 guys, 7 dozen decoys, and the rest of our hunting gear and it would still plane the boat and run 15mph. Rolled right over gravel bars with less than an inch of water over them!

Terry on Jan 20, 2014


I have the 14 hp kohler copperhead. I have it on a 1436 alumicraft and they are a great pair. I get 18/19 mph with just myself and 17/18 mph with 2 people and a medium load.  I can run it in 6in of water. What impresses me is its ability to get on a plane quickly and how it handles thick vegetation in the river.  It will just tear through the thick stuff without ever slowing down!  The customer service at copperhead is also second to none and they will bend over backwards to help you with any issue you have! If your looking for a lightweight, powerful and reliable mud motor look no farther than copperhead mud motors.

Terry Spring on Sep 22nd, 2013


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