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I have the 14 hp kohler copperhead. I have it on a 1436 alumicraft and they are a great pair. I get 18/19 mph with just myself and 17/18 mph with 2 people and a medium load. I can run it in 6in of water. What impresses me is its ability to get on a plane quickly and how it handles thick vegetation in the river. It will just tear through the thick stuff without ever slowing down! The customer service at copperhead is also second to none and they will bend over backwards to help you with any issue you have! If your looking for a lightweight, powerful and reliable mud motor look no farther than copperhead mud motors.



Bought Venom"s custom 14' hull with the Copperhead 23, have been very impressed with the combination.It took a few tries to get the motor set but now we're heading past everybody on the lake. The only thing that has stopped us was dry land. With 2 men (230/180lbs), 1 dog(60lbs), and gear(?) 18mph/gps no matter the depth. With 1 Man (230) and gear 21 mph/gps. Takes getting used to but, very worth it! We love the simplicity and the weight of the motor versus the others. Would recommend Venom's services to anybody looking for this combination. Straight up BAD*** to get where the birds are!





Just got my 23 hp and i have it on a 1440 Xpress with me.  I am looking at 28mph with my son and all my fishing stuff and about 24mph on full plain. We are running in 2" of water on the colorado river here in La Grange, TX, where the water is very low.  I just made the river longer for me to fish. I love my Copperhead mud motor and thank you VENOM OUTDOORS.COM!





Update from a customer with a 14hp on a 14/36 alumacraft:

I can't say enough good things about that motor. Took it out yesterday with 3 guys, 7 dozen decoys, and the rest of our hunting gear and it would still plane the boat and run 15mph. Rolled right over gravel bars with less than an inch of water over them!


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A little review from Copperhead's trip to visit The Duck Commander Phil Robertson 

Just got back from a trip to West Monroe to deliver one of two new Phowler Boats to Phil Robertson and his crew. Copperhead set the whole thing up about a month ago when they went up to test run some of their motors with Phil and Tim Mize, they loved the motor simple design and wanted boat made to match, so Copperhead call us to put together a couple of rigs to meet Phil's needs.

They wanted a boat to haul men and gear around their 800 acre blind complex for hunting and filming on Phil's property. We decide one of the boats would be an 1848 with a 23 Copperhead Motor.

We headed down last Thursday, met Gil, Josh and the crew from Copperhead in West Monroe, rigged the motor Friday morning and headed over the Phil and Ms. Kay's to test run and deliver the boats (they also got a 1640 Light Jon with a 14hp Copperhead). 

I have not run our 1848 Extreme with the 23 Copperhead, Phil was not concerned about speed or planing the boat for what he wants to use the boat for, but we wanted to see what it would do. Here are the results:

With the stock 23 prop: 

One man 23 mph
Two Men 20 mph
Three Men 17 mph
Four Men 14 mph with motor struggling.

I was actually pleased, this is not a light hull, it is around 600 lbs as rigged.

We switched out the 23 Prop for the 12hp Copperhead Prop and tested again.

One Man 21 mph.
Two men 20 mph
Three men 20 mph
Four men 17 mph
Five men 14 mph.

This was all in deep water in the river outside Phil's house in wind and current.

They have been running the boat for the past week everyday for hunting and filming and they said "the old man is in love with this rig, it is exactly what he was looking for".


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