Backwater's SWOMP lineup has been designed to run faster, shallower, and handle easier than any other motor in their class.  How is this acheived?  Through the combination of features exclusive to Backwater such as the patented bulletproof tubular DOM frame, the patented Surface Tracer™ cavitation plate, the patented Revo-Clean™ System and many other industry-firsts.  Check out Backwater's patented features here, or see these motors in action here.

Backwater SWOMP Standard Features

• High-Power Industrial Engines 
• Electric Start (6.5HP  10HP  13HP  23HP  have Backup Recoil Start)
• High-Strength DOM Tubular marine foam filled frame - Reduces vibration and increases power transfer to propeller.
• Set-back Transom Mount with 360 degree swivel Quick-lock system (2 safety locking points, Center travel locking point)

• Adjustable motor mount for handling and weight distribution preference.
• Adjustable Tilt Stop with locking wing nut.

• Easy-Steer left or right hand interchangeable handle.
• Low Profile metal PTO housing (safety shield).
• Patented Surface Tracer Cavitation Plate - Adjustable Pitch to match any transom height.
• Triple-Sealed long life bearing system in stainless Steel housing.
• Revo-Clean system to keep debris out of bearing housing.
• Backwater Blade Stainless Steel (SS) High-Performance Propeller.
• LS and SS (Long shaft-71") (Short shaft - 59") Models available in select HP's



Backwater SWOMP Shimming

For optimal performance, the Backwater Surface Tracer cavitation plate is designed to be turned to run level at the surface of the water.

If your motor is diving too deep, place the shim under the cavitation plate (as shown) to raise the FRONT end of the plate up.

If your motor is jumping out of the water, place the shim under the cavitation plate (as shown) to raise the BACK end of the plate up.


* Note: Multiple shims may be required to acheive optimum running angle.

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